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Commercial UAV News brings together industry insiders—the engineers, the regulators, the standards builders, the thought leaders, and innovators—to talk about what commercial drone professionals and stakeholders need to know to go beyond the buzzwords and jargon. We’ll discuss what really matters to operators and organizations when it comes to using drones to perform numerous tasks in faster, cheaper and/or safer ways that define real-world value.

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Kaitlyn Albertoli, CEO and Co-Founder of Buzz Solutions, joins Jeremiah Karpowicz, Group Editorial Director for the Technology Group at Diversified Communications, and Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, for the latest Uncrewed Views podcast.

The panel discusses the deployment of drones for energy & utilities inspections, the integration of artificial intelligence and uncrewed systems, and more.


For this special edition of our Uncrewed Views podcast, Commercial UAV News Editorial Analyst Scott Howe talks with Markus Fleckenstein, Director of Solutions Consulting at Arena. Fleckenstein discusses how Arena's product lifecycle management (PLM) system is revolutionizing supply chains and how drone companies can benefit from Arena’s approach.

In recent years, more and more business leaders, government officials, and members of the general public have come to understand the threats posed by rogue drones and the need for effective counter-uas solutions.

For our latest Uncrewed Views podcast, Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News, and Commercial UAV News Editorial Analyst Scott Howe explored the world of counter-uas with Jeffrey Starr, Chief Marketing Officer at D-Fend Solutions. The panel discussed recent advances in counter-uas systems, issues around privacy and public trust, and D-Fend Solutions’ unique approach to counter-uas.


For our latest Uncrewed Views podcast, Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News, and Commercial UAV News Editorial Analyst Scott Howe spoke with BAAM.Tech Vice President Christian Stallings. The panel discussed the ways uncrewed vehicles are used in surveying and mapping, previewed the upcoming Geo Week event in Denver, and explored the ways advances in systems and technology impact surveying industry standards and best practices.


For this edition of Uncrewed Views, Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, spoke with Rob Knochenhauer, Director of Regulatory Affairs at Censys Technologies. Rob discussed his company’s recent achievement: a 30-mile, BVLOS operation flying Sentaero 5 over a cellular network in South Florida. He also offered his perspectives on the regulatory issues facing drone operations and previewed his presentation at next February’s Geo Week event, “Getting Off the Ground with UAV Survey.”


Commercial UAV News: 30-Mile True BVLOS Flight – Scalable Operation for All Organizations with Sentaero 5

Geo Week: Getting Off the Ground with UAV Survey

In October 2023, Exyn Technologies, SKIPPER NDT, and Flyability sponsored How Have Drones Changed Underground Mapping?, a Commercial UAV News webinar that explored the ways uncrewed technology has improved underground mapping operations.

In this special edition of the Uncrewed Views podcast, you’ll hear perspectives and insights from that webinar from Raffi Jabrayan, Vice President, Business Development & Commercial Sales, Exyn Technologies. Jabrayan discusses the uses of drones in mining and related operations and what the future may hold for the deployment of drones in underground mapping.

Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Juan Plaza, Commercial UAV News Staff Writer and CEO of Plaza Aerospace, join Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, for the latest Uncrewed Views podcast. The panel discusses recent business news in the drone sector, including the uAvionix/Iris Automation deal, what’s happening with drone delivery in the US, South America, and beyond, and what to expect at next February’s Geo Week event.


Commercial UAV News: uAvionix Acquires Iris Automation: An interview with Jon Damush

Geo Week News: Skydio and Trimble announce new strategic collaboration

Commercial UAV News: What’s Happening With Drone Delivery?

Geo Week News: Getting Off the Ground with UAV Survey

Geo Week News: Geo Week Announces Sneak Peek of 2024 Keynote Lineup

Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News, join Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, for the latest Uncrewed Views podcast. The panel discusses the impact the new FAA administrator could have on the UAV and AAM industries, how safety and privacy concerns influence the use of drones in law enforcement, the top drone companies in delivery and remote sensing, and more.


Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, spoke with Percepto Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer Ariel Avitan for the latest Uncrewed Views podcast. They discussed how Percepto’s recent round of funding and its approval to fly BVLOS nationwide will impact the company’s future. In addition, the panel looked at a new poll showing increased public acceptance of drones and explored the ways uncrewed technology may contribute to our understanding of climate change.


For this special edition of Uncrewed Views, Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, spoke with Sean Muldoon, a UAV Operator and Sales & Services Support Specialist at Frontier Precision Unmanned. They discussed Frontier Precision’s recent work in assisting the Alaska Department of Transportation in the wake of this August’s flooding disaster in Juneau at Mendenhall River and Mendenhall Lake. Muldoon explained how Frontier Precision coordinated with Alaskan officials to deploy uncrewed systems to collect crucial data to aid in disaster recovery and assessment efforts.

Click here to register for a webinar in which Muldoon will further explore the details of Frontier Precision’s work in Alaska.

For this special edition of Uncrewed Views, Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, spoke with Ben Williams, COO of Exyn Technologies, a pioneer in the use of autonomous aerial robot systems for complex, GPS-denied environments. Williams discussed the ways mining operations currently use drones and related technologies, how Exyn works with clients to create workflows and processes that produce real value, and what the future holds for the integration of uncrewed systems with mining operations.

For this special edition of Uncrewed Views, Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, spoke with Will Austin, President, Warren County Community College (WCCC), and Chief Pilot, Warren UAS. They discussed WCCC’s long history of training pilots and other drone industry professionals, the need for specialized education in the UAV sector, how WCCC collaborates with public and private entities on innovative projects, and much more.

While you’re at Commercial UAV Expo, be sure to stop by Booth 348 to learn more about Warren UAS.

Special thanks to Warren County Community College for sponsoring this year's coffee cafe at Commercial UAV Expo!

Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, are joined by Danielle McLean, Founder and CEO of HYSKY Society, for the latest Uncrewed Views podcast. The panel looks at the opportunities presented by powering drones with hydrogen, the upcoming FLYING HY event, UAV-based medical aid delivery efforts in Kenya, artificial intelligence, and more.


Commercial UAV News:

HYSKY Society

FLYING HY – The World’s Largest Hydrogen Aviation Event

For our latest podcast, Geo Week News Content Manager, Carla Lauter, and Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, are joined by Matt Isenbarger from Freefly Systems. The panel looks at the US Forest Service’s successful drone program, how New York State is using uncrewed systems to monitor shark activity, AI and swarming technology, and more.


Commercial UAV News: Success and scale with drone programs: How the US Forest Service saves taxpayer dollars and reduces wildfire response risk

Longmont Leader: Aims Community College offers associate degree for drone pilots

The Hill: New York to deploy shark-monitoring drones to beaches following reported attacks

Dronelife: AI-Powered UAV Swarming Technology Steps Out of Science Fiction into Real World Scenarios

Geo Week News: Riegl and Schiebel integrate laser scanning system on UAS

Geo Week News Content Manager, Carla Lauter, and Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News, join host Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, for the latest edition of the Uncrewed Views podcast.

The panel discusses the financial health of the drone industry, the power of strategic partnerships, advances in AAM and air taxis, ways police departments use UAVs, and more.


For the latest edition of our Uncrewed Views podcast, host Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, speaks with Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News.

The panel discusses recent reports on the use of artificial intelligence with drones, changes at the FAA, how autonomous systems are mapping abandoned mines, drones in traffic management, and the recently announced conference program for the 2023 Commercial UAV Expo.


For our latest edition of Uncrewed Views, host Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, speaks with Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Brett Kanda, Senior Vice President, Business Development at Aerodome.

The panel discusses the latest developments in drone delivery, public perceptions around uncrewed vehicles, the recently formed Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Detection and Mitigation Aviation Rulemaking Committee, drones and lidar in public safety and more.


For our edition of Uncrewed Views, host Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, speaks with Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News.

The panel discusses cybersecurity in the drone industry, the threats posed by unauthorized drones, recent actions by the FAA and private industry to secure the airspace, and privacy and security issues in the geospatial sector.


Twice each month, Commercial UAV News’ new podcast, Uncrewed Views, will explore the latest advances and trends in uncrewed systems, advanced air mobility, and more. Industry leaders will offer their perspectives on news and information presented in articles, videos, podcasts, and other sources that cover drones and related technologies.

For this first installment of Uncrewed Views, host Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, speaks with Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News about:

The recent merger between PrescisonHawk and Field and what it means for the drone industry.



How far are we from realizing the full potential of large cargo drone transport and air taxis?



Is receiving a BVLOS waiver from the FAA even news anymore?



Lidar and UAV connections: How companies like Carlson are trying to make the integration of their solutions much simpler.


A conversation with Philipp Amon, Business Division Manager UAV-based Laser Scanning, RIEGL, and Dan Hubert, VP of Marketing, Phoenix Lidar Systems

In March 2023, Commercial UAV News hosted the webinar “Choosing the Right Sensor for Your Drone.” During that event, industry leaders reviewed some of the most powerful sensors for drone-based applications, such as inspections and surveying, and they explored ways of matching available technology to specific operations.

In this special edition of our podcast, Philipp Amon from RIEGL and Dan Hubert from Phoenix Lidar Systems discuss the ways they work with operators and organizations to select the right sensor for their work.

An interview with Lauren Elmore, CEO of Firmatek

According to a 2022 report, some 70% of large mining companies have started using drones since 2016. Most of those companies are using drones for surveying and mapping and for monitoring and inspections work. They are also integrating uncrewed technology to enable safety improvements, handle route logistics, and manage stockpiles.

To learn more about the ways mining companies are adopting drones for their operations, Commercial UAV News spoke with Lauren Elmore, CEO of Firmatek. Interviewed for our latest podcast, Elmore draws on her extensive experience helping mining operations integrate drones to tell us how companies are achieving increased efficiency and safety. She also comments on what the future holds for uncrewed systems in the mining sector.

An interview with Brian Pitre, CEO of SkyOp

With the commercial UAV industry continuing to grow, companies are looking for talented, qualified individuals to fill critical roles as pilots, data analysts, mission planners, and more. At the same time, individuals with a wide range of backgrounds and skills are looking for ways to launch new careers in this burgeoning field.

To learn about professional opportunities in the drone industry, Commercial UAV News spoke with Brian Pitre, CEO of SkyOp, a company that offers drone-related training for students, businesses, public safety professionals, and others. Pitre, who authored the recent e-book The Ultimate Drone Professional Guide, discussed the challenges facing companies seeking to staff their drone operations, and he provided advice for would-be drone pilots, data analysts, and others.

An interview with Ed De Reyes, CEO of Sabrewing Aircraft

Heavy-lift, commercial cargo drones have been around a long time, bringing a wide variety of goods to businesses and consumers all around the world. From delivering medical supplies to remote islands and villages, dropping food and fuel to offshore oil rigs, or carrying regular, everyday products to consumers everywhere, these oversized UAVs have been demonstrating the ways that uncrewed systems can augment or even replace the work of traditional commercial aircraft.

For our latest podcast, Commercial UAV News spoke to Ed De Reyes, CEO of Sabrewing. One of the leaders in the heavy-lift, commercial cargo drone space, De Reyes explained how these vehicles are making deliveries faster, cheaper, and safer. He also described how customers are finding new and better ways to use these vehicles and the ways companies like Sabrewing are responding to market demands.

An interview with JR Hammond, Executive Director, Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium

The Advanced Air Mobility (AAM)/Uncrewed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) sector has a unique opportunity to further diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) efforts. Because the AAM/UAV industry is relatively new, companies and organizations can create workplace cultures, hiring and training programs, and community connections in ways that may be difficult in older, more established industries.

To explore the issues around DEI in the AAM/UAV world, Commercial UAV News spoke with JR Hammond, Executive Director of the Canadian Advanced Air Mobility Consortium (CAAM). Hammond described the current state of DEI in AAM/UAV and explained how his organization is working to foster more equitable and welcoming work environments. In addition, Hammond made the business case for DEI, stating that diverse and inclusive companies are more attractive to prospective customers and employees—and more profitable.

An interview with David Young, Owner, Public Safety UAS

Drones have proven to be an effective tool for bringing contraband into corrections facilities. Across the country and around the world, drones are being deployed to deliver drugs, cell phones, and even weapons into prisons. In many cases, corrections officers struggle to stop the drones from breaching their security barriers, and they face tough challenges in finding the contraband once it enters their facilities.

David Young, owner of Public Safety UAS, is addressing these problems by offering targeted training on counter drone systems and strategies to corrections officers and other law enforcement professionals.

In our latest Commercial UAV News podcast, Young describes the threats that drones present in prison settings and explains the ways his firm is offering crucial training to those on the front lines. Young also discusses the pressing need for effective counter drone policies to address the risks posed by rogue UAVs in large public settings such as stadiums and arenas.

An interview with Bryan Sanders, President of Homeland Surveillance and Electronics

In recent years, the use of drones for agricultural spraying has grown steadily. Increasingly, farmers are turning to uncrewed vehicles because they offer dramatic improvements in cost, efficiency, and safety over traditional methods like using backpacks and ground sprayers. Although experts believe that drones will never completely replace conventional techniques for spraying on farms, drones offer immense potential for improving agricultural operations—and they’re just getting started.

For our latest podcast, Commercial UAV News spoke with Bryan Sanders, President of Homeland Surveillance and Electronics (HSE). A full-service provider of industrial unmanned aircraft, HSE has extensive experience helping agricultural operations adopt new technologies. Drawing on this background, Sanders discusses the current state of the spray drone sector, barriers to adoption, and how the technology can advance farming operations in the future.

The recent Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas was one of the official filming locations for a multi-part documentary made possible through a partnership with Women and Drones and the documentary film company Monumental Access. The film will capture the stories of women in the drone industry in hopes of inspiring the next generation of talented aviation leaders.

In this podcast, Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, interviews Sharon Rossmark, CEO of Women and Drones, and Monte Chambers, principal founder of Monumental Access. The discussion explores the current state of women in the drone industry and examines how this project may lead to more women joining this dynamic, fast-growing sector.

An interview with Adam Gittins, General Manager, HTS Ag

At the recent Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, leaders in the use of drone technology in forestry and precision agriculture came together to the evaluate the current state of their industry and discuss what needs to happen move the sector forward. One of the participants was Adam Gittins, General Manager at HTS Ag.

For years, Gittins has been on the forefront of adapting uncrewed technologies to farming operations. At HTS Ag, an Iowa-based company that offers high tech solutions for agriculture, Gittins has found innovative ways to improve efficiency and profitability for farms and related businesses. In our latest podcast, Gittins draws on his experience and expertise to discusses spray drones, aerial seeding, the current regulatory environment, remote ID, and the overall ROI of using drones on farms.

An interview with Ken Stewart, President and CEO of NUAIR

Some 2,500 commercial drone professionals will come together in Las Vegas for the 2022 Commercial UAV Expo.  For one week, engineers, designers, marketers, regulators, pilots, programmers, and others will learn about new technologies, interact with industry leaders, and share their insights and hopes for our industry. This kind of interaction is essential to building a strong UAV community and moving our industry forward.

In an interview, Ken Stewart, President and CEO of NUAIR, discusses the importance of collaboration and cooperation in the drone industry. Drawing on his experience heading an organization that works closely with government regulators and commercial entities, he explains how sharing ideas, offering support, and increasing understanding helps improve technology and craft meaningful public policy.

An interview with Juan Plaza, CEO, Juan B Plaza Consulting

Recent reports state that the drone industry in Latin America and South America grew at a pace of 6.2% in 2021. According to uncrewed aviation expert Juan Plaza, that growth rate could rise as high as 10% in the coming years. In this podcast, Plaza explains how innovative business leaders, government agencies, and receptive consumers are driving the expansion of uncrewed operations in the region. Less crowded skies, a favorable regulatory environment, and success stories from drone companies operating in agriculture, package delivery, inspections, and more are also contributing to the growth. Plaza, who will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Commercial UAV Expo, offers his insights and predictions in this lively discussion.

An interview with Josh Olds, CEO & President, Unmanned Safety Institute

Improving drone safety will not only increase public acceptance of uncrewed technology, it will increase ROI for commercial drone operations and move the industry forward. In this podcast, Josh Olds, CEO & President, Unmanned Safety Institute, discusses the risks associated with commercial UAV programs and the importance of safety training and certification for drone operators. Based on his experience as the head of the world’s leading UAS training and certification organization, Olds explains how standardization, regulations, and a commitment to secure operations will make UAVs safer—and more profitable—for all stakeholders.

An interview with Dr. Robin Murphy, Texas A&M University

Robotic devices, including uncrewed aerial vehicles (UAVs), can play a crucial role in disaster response operations. In this podcast, Dr. Murphy, a professor Computer Science & Engineering at Texas A&M University and a pioneer in the field of disaster robotics, discusses the history on uncrewed aerial systems in disaster response, the barriers to adoption, government regulations, the importance of wireless communications in robotic disaster operations, and her hopes for the future. In addition, she talks about the importance of training for disaster response professionals using UAVs, and she explains the training she offers through the organization Women in Drones.

An interview with Avy CEO Patrique Pi Zaman

The Avy Drone Response Network is new solution that can instantly deploy autonomous drones to carry out urgent and lifesaving missions. The network combines docking stations with Avy’s new Aera autonomous drones to support medical deliveries or emergency services during critical incidents. The new-generation drone has improved payload capacity and range, capable of carrying up to 6.6 pounds (3 kg) of medical goods over a distance of 62 miles (100 km). Moreover, the VTOL aircraft can operate around the year in rain and winds up to 28 mph (45 kph). In an interview with Commercial UAV News, Avy’s CEO, Patrique Pi Zaman, discusses the components and capabilities of Drone Response Network, as well as the challenges of creating an autonomous drone network.

An interview with Kate Klassen from InDro Robotics

The recently announced FLYY program is a comprehensive online learning and resource portal for drone pilots. While the education that defines the program is geared toward anyone who’s interested in getting their Basic or Advanced RPAS Certificate to legally operate a drone in Canada, the comprehensive learning platform with multiple course offerings provides insights that are relevant to anyone building or operating an enterprise drone programs. To better understand why this sort of drone training should be the foundation upon which enterprise programs should be built, we talked with Kate Klassen, who is the architect of the FLYY program and also an instructor. She detailed her background in aviation, what makes FLYY the most comprehensive suite of courses she’s ever put together and how she makes training engaging to both stakeholders and operators. Stay tuned to the end of the podcast for a 10% discount code on FLYY courses.

An interview with Ed Hennessey, CEO of PMG-Results

Our free report, titled Transitioning Commercial Drone Applications into the Millitary Defense Market: What You Need to Know details what commercial drone solution providers need to know about how the defense market sector operates but also highlights what it can mean to enter a new market. What kind of a mindset is necessary for this sort of market transition? How should stakeholders look to rely on experts when doing so? We connected with Ed Hennessey, CEO of PMG-Results and the author of this report, to discuss these specifics, how connections between the commercial and defense sides of drone technology have evolved, and much more.

An interview with Ian Foley, CEO of Pacific Triangle

Pacific Triangle is a drone service provider in San Diego, California delivering integrated platforms and end-to-end solutions for commercial applications in geospatial, oil and gas, mining and electrical utility industries. We wanted to learn more about how they used drones for bridge inspections in Georgia, so we connected with Ian to explore the efficiencies they enabled for the project, how value was measured by stakeholders, what opportunities this application will open up for others and much more.

An interview with Carla Lauter, Conference Chair of Geo Week

In a very special episode of the podcast, Danielle Gagne sits down with Carla Lauter, Conference Chair of Geo Week, to discuss the opportunities and possibilities that innovations like drones, lidar and more have opened up in various sectors. The two explore how they approach covering the value these tools create for both Commercial UAV News and Geo Week News, how their careers have been shaped by the conversations they’ve had with experts on every side of the technology, and an announcement about the future of the podcast.

An interview with Luke Fox, Founder of WhiteFox

When incidents with drones capture national, or even international, attention it can pull the entire drone industry back. These incidents impact public trust in the capabilities and value of drone technology. How can we flip the script and reframe this conversation to focus on the ways we can ensure airspace safety today? Commercial UAV News sat down with Luke Fox, Founder of WhiteFox, to discuss what we can and should be doing as an industry to increase security and trust, how we can build better airspace aware today, and why it is vital to the future of our industry.

Commercial UAV News has often talked about providing solutions for real-world problems, rather than having a solution in need of a problem. But how do companies put that solution first and what does that look like? We spoke with Naya Choi, Director of Product Marketing at Qii.AI, who specializes in end user experiences and end user interfaces, about why putting human-centric design at the center of product development is integral to avoiding the pitfalls that leads to creating a product nobody needs.

The relationship between technology and farming is complex. To really understand the challenges of bringing drone technology into the agriculture industry, it requires a deep look into the history, culture, and legacy of farming and farmers and their relationship with the government. As a heavily regulated industry with a lot of government oversight and dependencies on government funds, breaking into this industry can be a challenge. But as Robert Blair, Owner of Three Canyon Farms and Advisor at Aigen, talks about in this episode of Beyond Part 107, technologies like drones are becoming a game changer for those who are adopting them.

Interview with Arjun Garg, Former FAA Chief Counsel and Partner at Hogan Lovells

Regulation and type certification has always been recognized as a necessary element for commercial drone operations to provide meaningful return on investment for industries. Yet, the process in getting landmark regulations enacted has been historically slower than what the industry has wanted and needed, despite federal mandates to the contrary.

In an article written for Bloomberg Law, Arjun Garg, Former FAA Chief Counsel and Partner at Hogan Lovells, emphasized that regulators, like the FAA, need to establish regulatory frameworks to “Unleash the Commercial Potential of Drones.” Commercial UAV News talked with Garg to discuss potential alternative regulatory frameworks for getting the commercial drone market to operate at scale faster, as well as what it means to appropriately assess risk, how industry and regulators can facilitate a smoother type-certification process, the current and historical challenges with regulators and the drone industry, the BVLOS ARC, and more.

Interview with Chevron, AECOM, & Flyability

What does it mean to define, build, and then scale a drone program in energy and utilities? Demonstrating value isn’t always a clear one to one correlation—there are intangibles such as increases in safety, efficiency, and time. We reconnected with the speakers at this year’s Industrial Facilities panel from Commercial UAV Expo Americas to talk about what a successful drone program looks like. Zacc Dukowitz from Flyability, John Delp from AECOM, and Larry Barnard from Chevron discuss how they presented the benefits of using drones from an end user and manufacturer’s perspective to key stakeholders to initiate a drone program, how they measure and communicate the value of their drone program, and the use cases they see are the most valuable in the Energy and Utilities sector.

Diversity is vital for everyone in the drone industry on multiple levels—it is essential for growth and innovation, and it is good for business and public perception. Yet, this topic can get easily overlooked for various reasons. In this podcast, I have a candid and in-depth conversation with Jason San Souci—Chief Architect at Juniper Unmanned, Co-Founder of Neurodiversity Works, and host of the podcast, Do You Know Drones? (among many other things)—about what is at stake if we don’t look to bring diverse minds and experiences into our industry and what we can do to attract diverse talent.

Interview with Okeoma Moronu, Head of Regulatory and Legal Affairs at Zipline

With Zipline celebrating 5 years of drone delivery in Africa, Commercial UAV News reached out to learn what that process has been like, what we can learn, and how having just-in-time medical supply delivery is impacting populations, supply chain stability, and the very structure of healthcare.

Lessons Learned from the Gulf of Finland (GOF) 2.0 Drone Trials

Among the many trials that the Gulf of Finland 2.0 (GOF 2.0) Integrated Urban Airspace Validation Consortium has conducted in recent months was a cross-border beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) flight from Helsinki, Finland to Tallinn in Estonia. This trial sought to test, validate, and collect data on how these types of operations can be conducted safely near live airports and in dense airspace.

Funded by the SESAR Joint Undertaking under the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, GOF 2.0 is providing Europe and the entire Drone Industry with valuable data and lessons learned. We spoke with Gokul Srinivasan, Director of Technology at Robots.Expert, a member of the consortium, to get an exclusive in-depth look into the trial.

An Interview with David Benowitz, Head of Research at DroneAnalyst 

DroneAnalyst’s Market Research is taken from well over a thousand global contributors throughout the industry from software and hardware to service providers, agencies, and businesses, which make them dug in a way that is helping everyone develop a fuller understanding of the drone ecosystem. In this Podcast, we speak with David Benowitz, Head of Research at DroneAnalyst, to dive into the health, growth, and trajectory of our industry in 2021 and beyond, gaining deeper insights into what this year’s 2021 report has to say about things like DJI, where there is consolidation, maturity, income growth and stability, and more.

Drones aren’t only proving to be an essential tool for inspecting infrastructure, they are also a significantly greener option. In this podcast, we speak with Brendan Groves, VP of Regulatory and Policy Affairs at Skydio, to explain why, what programs are out there to fund these projects, and more.

Commercial UAV News sat down with Troy Mestler, PhD, CEO of Skyfront, to talk about the practical concerns of drone design for the industry. At Skyfront, Mestler has led his team to achieve record-setting drone flights, making him an ideal person for our topic today. In this podcast, we discuss the benefits and limitations of various powering solutions for end users, achieving flight and operational efficiency, how drone manufacturers make critical design choices, and more.

In our first episode of Beyond Part 107, Commercial UAV News sat down with Editorial Director Jeremiah Karpowicz to look back on the early days of the commercial drone industry and discuss the ways it has evolved and what that means for us today.

In this short introduction, find out what the Beyond Part 107 podcast is all about with host Danielle Gagne, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News.