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Uncrewed Views: Commercial UAV Expo Preview, FAA Approvals, Industry News

Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News, join Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, for the latest Uncrewed Views podcast. The panel previews Commercial UAV Expo 2023 and discusses Skydio’s recent decision to exit the consumer drone market, DJI’s delivery drone, recent FAA approvals, and more.


Commercial UAV Expo 2023

The Verge:
Skydio is pivoting to enterprise — its consumer drones are dead

TechCrunch: Skydio closing consumer drone business

Heliguy: Delivery Drone Launched By DJI

UAS Vision: FAA Authorizes Phoenix Air Unmanned to Operate Drones BVLoS for Certain Aerial Work

Yahoo! Finance: Sustainable Skylines Secures First-Ever FAA Authorization for Drones to Tow Full-Size Advertising Banners

NPR: An AI quadcopter has beaten human champions at drone racing

PetaPixel: Thermal Drones and Infrared Cameras Used to Search for Loch Ness Monster