Beyond Part 107 Podcast

Commercial UAV News brings together industry insiders—the engineers, the regulators, the standards builders, the thought leaders, and innovators—to talk about what commercial drone professionals and stakeholders need to know to go beyond the buzzwords and jargon. We’ll discuss what really matters to operators and organizations when it comes to using drones to perform numerous tasks in faster, cheaper and/or safer ways that define real-world value.

Drones aren’t only proving to be an essential tool for inspecting infrastructure, they are also a significantly greener option. In this podcast, we speak with Brendan Groves, VP of Regulatory and Policy Affairs at Skydio, to explain why, what programs are out there to fund these projects, and more.

Commercial UAV News sat down with Troy Mestler, PhD, CEO of Skyfront, to talk about the practical concerns of drone design for the industry. At Skyfront, Mestler has led his team to achieve record-setting drone flights, making him an ideal person for our topic today. In this podcast, we discuss the benefits and limitations of various powering solutions for end users, achieving flight and operational efficiency, how drone manufacturers make critical design choices, and more.

In our first episode of Beyond Part 107, Commercial UAV News sat down with Editorial Director Jeremiah Karpowicz to look back on the early days of the commercial drone industry and discuss the ways it has evolved and what that means for us today.

In this short introduction, find out what the Beyond Part 107 podcast is all about with host Danielle Gagne, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News.