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Drones in Energy & Utilities: Defining a Successful Program

Interview with Chevron, AECOM, & Flyability

What does it mean to define, build, and then scale a drone program in energy and utilities? Demonstrating value isn’t always a clear one to one correlation—there are intangibles such as increases in safety, efficiency, and time. We reconnected with the speakers at this year’s Industrial Facilities panel from Commercial UAV Expo Americas to talk about what a successful drone program looks like. Zacc Dukowitz from Flyability, John Delp from AECOM, and Larry Barnard from Chevron discuss how they presented the benefits of using drones from an end user and manufacturer’s perspective to key stakeholders to initiate a drone program, how they measure and communicate the value of their drone program, and the use cases they see are the most valuable in the Energy and Utilities sector.