Sector Snapshot: Drones in Infrastructure

From bridges to roadways and water supplies to telecommunications networks, all parts of our infrastructure can benefit from the increased efficiency, safety, and sustainability offered by drones and related systems. That’s why governments and public agencies worldwide, from Colombia to Netherlands to Canada and the United States, are incorporating UAVs into their infrastructure operations. 

To gain insights and access important facts and figures about the current state and promising future of drones in this industry, download Sector Snapshot: Drones in Infrastructure. You’ll learn about:  

  • The complexity of the infrastructure sector today—and why it’s poised for growth.
  • The ways drones are currently being deployed in infrastructure operations.
  • How the integration of artificial intelligence and other advanced technologies will improve the effectiveness of drones in infrastructure work.

Explore the state of the infrastructure industry, see how companies are using drone technology, and look to the future of uncrewed systems in this vast and growing sector. Download Sector Snapshot: Drones in Infrastructure today!