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Drones in Prisons and Counter UAS Strategies for Public Safety

An interview with David Young, Owner, Public Safety UAS

Drones have proven to be an effective tool for bringing contraband into corrections facilities. Across the country and around the world, drones are being deployed to deliver drugs, cell phones, and even weapons into prisons. In many cases, corrections officers struggle to stop the drones from breaching their security barriers, and they face tough challenges in finding the contraband once it enters their facilities.

David Young, owner of Public Safety UAS, is addressing these problems by offering targeted training on counter drone systems and strategies to corrections officers and other law enforcement professionals.

In our latest Commercial UAV News podcast, Young describes the threats that drones present in prison settings and explains the ways his firm is offering crucial training to those on the front lines. Young also discusses the pressing need for effective counter drone policies to address the risks posed by rogue UAVs in large public settings such as stadiums and arenas.