Commercial UAV Expo 2024 is fast approaching! As in years past, this year’s event will give commercial drone professionals the opportunity to see the latest technology, learn about new and innovative use cases, and hear what key business and government leaders have to say about the crucial issues that will shape our industry in the years to come—including regulations.

National and local regulations can have a profound impact on nearly every drone-based operation, and anyone who is focused on maximizing the ROI of commercial drone technology knows that keeping a close eye on the current state and future trajectory of FAA regulations is essential.  That’s why Commercial UAV Expo will feature numerous end user perspectives that outline how they’ve been able to make the technology make sense for them under current regulations. However, you’ll also be able to hear from FAA officials themselves to get a sense of what’s changing.

Here's a look at a few regulations-focused sessions from our 2024 Conference Program:

Part 108 Brief

The rollout of Part 107 was a watershed moment for the commercial drone industry, but Part 108 represents an even more important shift. This new FAA rule will open the doors to new business opportunities and will also expand the scope of existing applications, but will it truly enable commercial drone use to scale? A panel of industry and government contacts will answer these questions and more.

Navigating Regulation in Infrastructure Projects

Dedicated to highlighting what it means for operators and organizations to navigate the complex regulatory landscape surrounding the use of drones, this session will detail key concerns and strategies for compliance. Hear from end users as they detail how they’ve enabled BVLOS operations, what “out-of-the-box" regulated capabilities look like and much more. 

Drone Policy Update

What are some of the most pivotal developments, challenges, and implications shaping the landscape of commercial drone regulation from the FAA? When will we see policy changes that might redefine how drones can be leveraged at scale? You’ll be able to hear these answers and more directly from FAA officials themselves.

These sessions are just a few selections from the comprehensive program we've put together for this year's event. Each session is designed to provide valuable insights and actionable information that can help you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving drone industry.

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