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The Benefits and Importance of Drone Training

An interview with Kate Klassen from InDro Robotics

The recently announced FLYY program is a comprehensive online learning and resource portal for drone pilots. While the education that defines the program is geared toward anyone who’s interested in getting their Basic or Advanced RPAS Certificate to legally operate a drone in Canada, the comprehensive learning platform with multiple course offerings provides insights that are relevant to anyone building or operating an enterprise drone programs. To better understand why this sort of drone training should be the foundation upon which enterprise programs should be built, we talked with Kate Klassen, who is the architect of the FLYY program and also an instructor. She detailed her background in aviation, what makes FLYY the most comprehensive suite of courses she’s ever put together and how she makes training engaging to both stakeholders and operators. Stay tuned to the end of the podcast for a 10% discount code on FLYY courses.