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What’s Happening With Heavy-Lift, Commercial Cargo Drones?

An interview with Ed De Reyes, CEO of Sabrewing Aircraft

Heavy-lift, commercial cargo drones have been around a long time, bringing a wide variety of goods to businesses and consumers all around the world. From delivering medical supplies to remote islands and villages, dropping food and fuel to offshore oil rigs, or carrying regular, everyday products to consumers everywhere, these oversized UAVs have been demonstrating the ways that uncrewed systems can augment or even replace the work of traditional commercial aircraft.

For our latest podcast, Commercial UAV News spoke to Ed De Reyes, CEO of Sabrewing. One of the leaders in the heavy-lift, commercial cargo drone space, De Reyes explained how these vehicles are making deliveries faster, cheaper, and safer. He also described how customers are finding new and better ways to use these vehicles and the ways companies like Sabrewing are responding to market demands.