Censys Technologies operated a 30-mile, beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS) operation without visual observers flying Sentaero 5 over a cellular network in South Florida adjacent to Lake Okeechobee leveraging a performance-based (non-geo constrained) shielded operations waiver.

The mission was a proof of concept (POC) simulating data collection for algae blooms of a key piece of South Florida’s ecosystem. This use case promotes the value of BLVOS for long linear data collection and inspections.

“It is our goal to make commercial BLVOS common in the US, and last week is a major win for Censys Technologies, Sentaero 5, FAA regulators and the UAS industry” said Trevor Perro, Co-Founder and CEO of Censys Technologies. “This is one of many steps of progress we will make.”

Sentaero 5, Censys Technologies newly released, American manufactured VTOL fixed wing, is a BVLOS enabler. It’s upgraded user interface, cellular command and control link, standard remote ID and safety case enables operators to go further than ever before. Now, companies and organizations can extract the true value of true BVLOS.

“This is a beautiful concert of technology and regulation coming together, advancing the UAS industry in the US,” said Rob Knochenhauer, Director of Regulatory Affairs. “We continuously push for more advanced approvals with every waiver we submit.”

Censys Technologies continues to push the boundaries of drone technology, and this achievement reinforces the company's position as a leader in the UAS industry. The successful 30-mile BVLOS operation with the Sentaero 5 demonstrates the company's commitment to innovation, safety, and reliability.

Source: Censys Technologies