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Drones in Agriculture

An interview with Adam Gittins, General Manager, HTS Ag

At the recent Commercial UAV Expo in Las Vegas, leaders in the use of drone technology in forestry and precision agriculture came together to the evaluate the current state of their industry and discuss what needs to happen move the sector forward. One of the participants was Adam Gittins, General Manager at HTS Ag.

For years, Gittins has been on the forefront of adapting uncrewed technologies to farming operations. At HTS Ag, an Iowa-based company that offers high tech solutions for agriculture, Gittins has found innovative ways to improve efficiency and profitability for farms and related businesses. In our latest podcast, Gittins draws on his experience and expertise to discusses spray drones, aerial seeding, the current regulatory environment, remote ID, and the overall ROI of using drones on farms.