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Our New Podcast: Uncrewed Views

Twice each month, Commercial UAV News’ new podcast, Uncrewed Views, will explore the latest advances and trends in uncrewed systems, advanced air mobility, and more. Industry leaders will offer their perspectives on news and information presented in articles, videos, podcasts, and other sources that cover drones and related technologies.

For this first installment of Uncrewed Views, host Scott Howe, Editorial Analyst for Commercial UAV News, speaks with Geo Week News Content Manager Carla Lauter and Jeremiah Karpowicz, Editorial Director for Commercial UAV News about:

The recent merger between PrescisonHawk and Field and what it means for the drone industry.



How far are we from realizing the full potential of large cargo drone transport and air taxis?



Is receiving a BVLOS waiver from the FAA even news anymore?



Lidar and UAV connections: How companies like Carlson are trying to make the integration of their solutions much simpler.