During our surveying and mapping sessions at Commercial UAV Expo Americas and Commercial UAV Expo Europe, we often talk about data collection, validation, and accuracy. In order for a surveying deliverable to be valuable and actionable, a lot has to go into it to ensure data accuracy and integrity. Every step of the process introduces potential for error from how the data is collected and processed to how it is ultimately compiled into the final deliverable. Any holes or inaccuracies in positioning, location, or measurements within the data collected can make a deliverable useless at best and could end up being disastrous if gone undetected.

Commercial UAV News has often talked about the emerging drone surveying technology, sensors, software, and strategies out there helping surveyors get the best deliverable possible with their drone. But having survey-grade tools is only half of the puzzle; understanding the best way to use them and which tool to use can be just as important.

This is why we hosted the webinar panel, “5 Things You Need to Know About Surveying with a Drone,” on July 15th to help inform surveying professionals about how to best use what is out there. During the discussion, industry leaders from GeoCue Group, Applanix Co., Pix4D, and Hitech Commercial Solutions, LLC outlined practical knowledge from picking the right drone and sensor for the job, scaling your operations, and validating your data, to producing a high-quality deliverable and how automation and machine learning can (and sometimes, can’t) help.

If you missed the webinar, it is available on-demand here.

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