One of the biggest challenges that the drone industry is currently trying to solve is efficiently processing high quantities of data. In an effort to streamline this process, drone platform developers, such as Wingtra, are developing solutions that can facilitate better data processing.

Wingtra has just announced that they have joined forces with Trimble Business Center (TBC) to bring the construction and survey industry a complete end-to-end, survey-grade, data gathering, processing, and delivery tool with their VTOL WingtraOne drone. The WingtraOne was designed specifically for fast, accurate, high-resolution mapping and provides data accuracy down to 0.3 inches per pixel GSD. By integrating with Trimble Business Center, WingtraOne and Trimble customers will have the ability to simply drag and drop their data into Trimble’s powerful software, optimizing workflows for survey and construction projects.

“It’s a solid step forward to enable our data to work smoothly with Trimble Business Center,” said Francois Gervaix, Wingtra’s geospatial expert. “TBC is a reference software in the industry, because of its success as a data hub for construction and geospatial workflows. Optimizing the workflow lets TBC users smoothly integrate data from the fastest drone data capture platform on the market—WingtraOne.”

Over the past several years, drones have distinguished themselves for their ability to quickly and easily collect high-quality data, but that value can be greatly diminished if the processing of that data is too cumbersome or time consuming. Companies that can provide not only high-quality data collection but also a means to process that data quickly and efficiently is what is going to enable businesses to achieve their ROI. Companies like Wingtra understand the value this brings to their users. By partnering with tested and established software companies that specialize on developing high-end deliverables, like Trimble, they are enabling the industry to scale by providing efficient workflows from data collection to deliverable.

To find out more, Trimble and Wingtra will be hosting a webinar “TBC Power Hour: Processing WingtraOne Drone Imagery” on March 18th, 2020 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM CET. You can register to join here.