Since 2016, the Aerovironment’s Quantix Mapper has been all about the flexibility and ease of use for various applications in Energy, Mining, Construction, Public Safety, and more. By combining the vertical takeoff and landing advantages of multirotors with the range, reliability and efficiency benefits of fixed-wing aircraft, the drone covers 400 hundred acres on a single 45-minute battery charge. To capture high-resolution imagery, the Quantix equips two 18MP cameras, an RGB and a multispectral camera.

“Working with our customers, we take all feedback and review it to understand exactly how they’re using these products, and how to avoid all those pitfalls and challenges they have with other systems they’ve experienced,” Program Manager at AeroVironment Matt Isenbarger told Commercial UAV News during the Commercial UAV Expo 2019. “Since professionals don’t have to be drones, GIS, or imagery experts, we try to remove those challenges in the first place so they can simply create a polygon on a tablet and say go, and it’s just that easy.”

Through this partnership, AeroVironment, a designer and developer of UAS, provides Draganfly sales, marketing collateral, and product technical support for the Quantix Mapper.

“As a leader in the commercial and first responder drone market, Draganfly is uniquely positioned to deliver the value of Quantix Mapper to customers in multiple market segments to help save lives, protect property, increase productivity and enhance safety,” said Rick Pedigo, AeroVironment vice president of sales and business development.

As a developer of enterprise drone solutions, contract engineering services, custom software, and professional UAV services, Draganfly understands the potential AeroVironment’s drone offers and has procured a significant number of Quantix Mapper systems from AeroVironment for the approaching agriculture season in the Northern Hemisphere. The company provides e-commerce, enterprise and direct sales operations, and oversees the development of a network of resellers and strategic distribution partners worldwide.

“Draganfly has been manufacturing and distributing innovative, multirotor and fixed-wing drones for commercial applications around the world for 22 years. We were truly impressed with the ease of use, performance, and reliability of AeroVironment’s hybrid Quantix Mapper system” said Patrick Imbasciani, Draganfly’s chief operating officer.

In 2020, Draganfly expects to expand commercial distribution of the Quantix Mapper to the Southern Hemisphere, and to other industries including environmental resource management, oil & gas, construction, insurance, and public safety.