Earlier this year, AeroVironment announced that it had acquired Pulse Aerospace, a developer and supplier of small VTOL UAS. As a result of that acquisition, the company now has the all-electric VAPOR Helicopter UAS product line to go along with their next generation of the Quantix. Recent enhancements for the Quantix & AV DSS ecosystem deliver a combination of new features designed to meet the needs of individual growers, precision ag service providers and large-scale farming operations.

At Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019, we caught up with Matt Isenbarger from AeroVionment to discuss what kinds of opportunities the VAPOR is creating for professionals in energy, mining and construction as well as how customer feedback has influenced the present and future of the Quantix.

Discover further details about these products and more via the link Matt calls out in the interview, https://www.avdroneanalytics.com/