During the Precision Agriculture Vertical Breakout Session at the fifth annual Commercial UAV Expo Americas in October of 2019, industry experts discussed how farmers are implementing aerial tools and how to efficiently use drones to achieve higher yields by identifying problems before they happen. A major way this has been achieved is through multispectral imaging via drone.

Commercial UAV News has written a number of articles and even hosted a webinar discussing the benefit of multispectral imagery in precision agriculture, here are just a few we have posted recently:

When it comes to achieving the best results with multispectral imagining, having a sensor equipped with five spectral bands has been the gold standard for examining crop health. This number of bands provides farmers with important information that would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye. Lately, companies like Micasense, a business with a long history in the precision agriculture industry, have been increasing the number of bands available on their sensors. What has led industry leading sensor manufacturers to expand the bandwidth, and what value do additional bands offer the industry? 

This is exactly what our upcoming webinar “Making 10 Bands Work for You: Capabilities of "Superspectral" Imaging” will explain. During the webinar, industry insiders, Emily Ciesielski, Channel Sales Manager, and Callum Scougal, Sales Engineer at MicaSense will breakdown the added values and insights users can gain from superspectral imaging, which includes use cases like aquatic weed detection, drone/satellite comparison analysis, species classification, coastal mapping and more.

To learn more, join us from 11AM to 12PM EST on Wednesday, June 10th by registering here.