Supporting women in the drone industry shouldn’t be about playing a numbers game—how many women you have employed—but rather about developing a supportive, inclusive framework that will attract and keep qualified women in the field by providing paths that can lead to growth and success not only for them but for the industry as well. But what does it mean to support and be inclusive of women in this space, and what does that support actually look like? Join us for free at Commercial UAV Expo Americas' Virtual Women in Drones Panel, Wednesday Sep 16, 1:15 PM - 2:15 PM PDT, to join the discussion. You can Register here.
This is the next installment in a multi-part series that helps to reimagine what a professional in the drone space can look like, and more.

Amy Wiegand is the Sales and Marketing Director at DroneUp. While in that role, she has drawn heavily on her flight school experience to help bring understanding and clarity for everyone in and outside the industry about proper drone use and regulations. She sees her role as a relationship builder and actively looks for ways she can facilitate opportunities for the industry to unite to help usher commercial UAV into the future, and we have seen these efforts pay off for the industry in significant ways. In a recent example, DroneUp, UPS, the Workhorse Group, and the Virginia Center for Innovative Technology collaborated to deliver meaningful data and understanding about using drones for last mile delivery.

In addition to her work with DroneUp, Wiegand is involved in helping kids learn about drone technology and STEAM believing this is key to securing the next generation of drone pilots. Commercial UAV News sat down with Wiegand to discuss her experiences, challenges, and thoughts about the industry in an exclusive video interview.

You can watch the full interview below: