We've detailed how the energy sector as a whole has been able to see gains with the adoption of drones on account of the sheer scale and scope of their operations. To get specific, drones have proven to be essential elements in efforts to map, measure and mitigate issues for pipeline inspections of all types, and the team at SolSpec had gone to great lengths to define and enable these differences for their customers.

As an illustration of their continued efforts to do so, the SolSpec teams launched a new cloud-based solution that improves geohazard risk-assessment and erosion control monitoring with fast, accurate, predictive risk analysis at Commercial UAV Expo Americas 2019. The new solution enables fast, accurate geohazard risk monitoring and mitigation and was one of the products that resonated the most during the "Pitch the Press" event

We caught up with Robert Blank from SolSpec to discuss what makes this new solution so significant, how professionals are going to be able to utilize it and much more.