During the fifth annual Commercial UAV News Expo Americas last October, high-level players operating within the commercial UAV space met in a series of closed-door roundtable discussions. During every session, the topic that kept coming up was whether or not Congress would pass additional legislation banning the use of drones and hardware from non-cooperative countries like China, and how this could impact their business.

Since then, a draft executive order and new legislation has been proposed to limit American access even further. Whether or not these measures will actually be put into law is something the entire industry is watching very closely. What Congress decides will impact almost every part of the ecosystem from drone manufacturing to data collection.

In an effort to keep you informed on this issue, Commercial UAV News has been covering, and will continue to cover, news related to this issue and what this means for the industry. Here are a few articles we’ve posted within the last year to help recap what has happened so far and some ways the industry is trying to address it.

Stay tuned to Commercial UAV News for more updates on regulations and legislation and how the industry is dealing with it.