Commercial UAV Expo Americas was honored to host the Women in Drones Panel Discussion and Breakout Sessions at our 5th Annual even back in October 2019. During the event, a panel of prominent women working in the drone industry, moderated by Sharon Rossmark, CEO of Women and Drones, worked with participants to identify paths to success and available resources.

One of the key points that was made during the discussions was that, in order to get more female drone pilots, there would also need to be more women involved in the STEM related fields that utilize them, and this meant integrating drones into STEM curriculum starting from grade school and going into college. Building the next generation of drone pilots and drone professionals continues to be one of the primary focuses for Rossmark.

In a recent video interview, Commercial UAV News was able to catch up with Rossmark, Brenda Wilson, President of DieHard RC, and Susan Bickford, CEO of New England UAV to talk about their latest program, 1,000 Drones for 1,000 Girls. This program was developed to inspire middle-school girls to learn about STEM applications through drones. It is an exciting new venture that is among a number of efforts worldwide to encourage students to look at drones as an important STEM tool rather than just a fun toy. You can watch this interview here, and if you are interested in learning more, you can also check out our recent coverage of other similar programs:

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