Click here for the full Top 5 Accelerators and Barriers to Drone Adoption as a Business Solution infographic, courtesy of CompTIA

To learn what it takes to safely operate drones, perform quality flights, and stand out in the marketplace to grow a business, the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA) will host a webinar on October 17th. In this webinar, Chris Phillips, Director of Industry Advisory Councils and Adam Proulx, Senior Manager of Communities, will discuss CompTIA’s drone Standards & Best Practices and share some interesting statistics from CompTIA’s recent Drone Market Research study.

With more than 2,000 members, 3,000 academic and training partners and tens of thousands of registered users spanning the entire information communications and technology (ICT) industry, CompTIA focuses on advancing the tech industry and its workforce through education, training, certifications, advocacy, philanthropy, and market research.

The association’s bet on drone technology started a few years ago with the creation of the Drone Advisory Council, which is comprised of industry leaders from hardware manufacturers, video and component manufacturers, mapping software, platform providers, insurance companies, experts in FAA regulations and policies, drone pilots and instructors, lawyers, and flight service providers. Additionally, CompTIA recently launched a new Drone Forum to “address and discuss relevant industry trends and issues like this affecting the Drone market and its rapidly evolving platforms and methodologies”.

Earlier this year, CompTIA published a free guide about drone Standards & Best Practices to use as a guideline for implementing UAS operations internally or hiring professional services providers. Based on a survey of 669 current drone customers, prospective customers, drone services providers and related technology firms across the United States, the association also released the “Drone Market: Insights from Customers and Providers” research report to explore the challenges of using drones, and how these are being used.

"Drone providers must pay close attention to the shifting wants and needs of their customers," said Annette Taber, senior vice president for industry outreach at CompTIA. "As the market matures, more businesses will view drones as devices on the network that must adhere to security, data and operational protocols."

The “Drone Standards, Best Practices and Market Research” webinar takes place on October 17th at 12:00 CST is completely free to attend.