While the exhibit floor of XPONENTIAL features countless products and innovations that define the drone industry, there was no better place to understand what it means for this variety to make a difference than the AeroVironment booth. Serving defense, government, and commercial customers, multiple robotic systems were on display but the VAPOR 55 MX caught the attention of multiple attendees.

Built to support heavier payloads and fly longer distances, the all-electric VAPOR helicopter unmanned aircraft system can be easily configured to support a variety of mission requirements. Commercial applications include utility management inspections and for emergency response. It’s 24-pounds of flexible payload capability and up to 105 minutes of endurance make it standout, with the Drop/Delivery mechanism particularly suited to a variety of commercial applications. 

That payload flexibility was a major topic of discussion at XPONENTIAL, since it allows users to quickly snap on and off a variety of sensors. Different sensors can be easily integrated or swapped to expand operational capabilities, enabling users to assess a situation or do mapping to provide real-time intelligence.

“I think of it like a Swiss Army Knife because it can do so many different things,” said Ron Piskila from AeroVironment. “Having a payload that you can change out so easily allows users to configure it for whatever the mission. It’s a real workhorse that can be easily assembled and disassembled, further highlighting the flexibility that end users want and need.” 

Capable of flying in light rain, the VAPOR 55 MX has no belts to change, enabling increased mean time between overhauls as well as a lower overall life cycle cost. The flexible core architecture is also an enabler for continuous development that allows for additional extensions and eventual upgrades.

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