The importance of a complete drone solution is a topic that comes up often in this space, especially in agriculture. By and large, farmers want to farm, which means they don’t want to take the time to assemble a UAV solution. Many are looking for something that’s simple to utilize and will provide them with the answers they’re looking for, and that’s exactly what senseFly and MicaSense have partnered to deliver.

senseFly has signed a commercial agreement with MicaSense that enables senseFly and its distribution partners to offer MicaSense’s Atlas cloud processing platform alongside eBee drones. In making Atlas available with senseFly’s eBee drone platforms, users will be able to collect and analyze high-resolution aerial data in a far simpler manner. This will provide most users with all they need to get the answers they’re looking for from their drone.

Empowering growers, agronomists, and agricultural service providers with the means to easily capture data on a large scale was one of the goals identified with this news, and being able to do so is on account of the ability to offer a complete drone solution to this industry. It’s something Matteo Triacca, Product Manager, Agriculture at senseFly, identified as an important consideration.

“Offering agriculture professionals an end-to-end solution is key,” Triacca mentioned. “There are a lot of different offers on the market, and at senseFly, we strive to bring as much automation and integration as possible. Today, drones are an integrated part of the farming and agronomy workflow, which is made possible with end-to-end solutions.”

The true overall goal for these companies is to help agronomists and growers to make better decisions that will lead to an increase yields and decrease costs, and much of that centers of being able to translate the agricultural needs and workflows into technology. Doing so in a simple and easy manner ties back into how senseFly’s worldwide distributors play a role in this development.

The fact that senseFly and its global network of distributors can distribute six-month subscriptions of the MicaSense Atlas Pro plan, alongside any senseFly drone solution featuring the Parrot Sequoia will change the conversations those distributors are having with farmers for the better. Ultimately, this development could help alter the paradigm for farmers that are considering how they can or should be using drones.

“The eBee SQ and MicaSense Atlas are easy to use,” Triacca said. “Both options fit neatly together and are intended to help agronomists and growers in their decision making in the upcoming season.”