While the big news from Commercial UAV Expo Europe was centered on the next version of the event taking place as part of Amsterdam Drone Week, there were plenty of other insights, developments and happenings that came out of the event. Many talked about how they witnessed the growth of the drone market at the event, while others we more focused on the technology that was on display there. However, those stories are just part of the story of the event.

Nearly 70 countries were represented at Commercial UAV Expo Europe along with over 100 publications, portals, analysts, associations, user groups and cooperating events. This combination resulted in people from around the world coming together to share public service drone stories, interview experts like Darshan Divakaran of North Carolina Department of Transportation and Marc Kegelaers of Unifly along with a look at the top 7 trends in the drone industry. While there were five specific things that we identified we’d be watching out for at the event, there ended up being far more notable items and takeaways coming out of the Expo.

Speakers, attendees and members of the Commercial UAV Expo Europe team live tweeted quotes and pictures throughout the event to give everyone who wasn’t in Amsterdam a sense of the discussions, learning and updates that were explored in there. For plenty more direct quotes, videos and pictures, check out the #expouaveu19 hashtag.