There are many avenues to enabling growth for the enterprise, and there are usually multiple phases of that growth. When a company has reached the ceiling of what they can do working within a current paradigm, it usually looks for new models or avenues to expand. This is something that has been happening a lot lately in the commercial drone industry with Unifly and Iris Automation appointing new CEOs to facilitate their growth to companies looking to expand into new markets or solidify their role in existing ones. This is a sign that our industry is maturing and getting ready to expand in new ways. The most recent example of this growth is FlyNex becoming part of the EIT Digital Accelerator.

FlyNex has been demonstrating how drone operations can be automated and controlled virtually in multiple use cases in the energy, real estate, and construction industries to enable seamless and repeatable workflows.

"FlyNex serves enterprise customers from the energy, real estate, and construction industries to match the specific requirements of the use cases with our proven solutions for commercial UAV projects,” explained Andreas Dunsch, Co-Founder and CEO of FlyNex, in a recent press release. “With EIT Digital, we want to implement our mission on an international level and transform companies into digital organizations that use drones for data mining and business intelligence."

For example, recently FlyNex worked with MITNETZ STROM, an energy company, to conduct an autonomous BVLOS powerline inspection of 70 power poles along a 20-kilometer distance south of Leipzig. The drone data was evaluated with artificial intelligence to detect cable damage, bird’s nests and the system numbers of the power poles. The entire test was live streamed to the company as it happened.

Use Cases like these have been demonstrating to FlyNex’s clients the capabilities of their Enterprise Suite, which provides customers with the tools they need to integrate drones into their workflows to provide actionable data for their businesses, reduce operational costs by up to 90%, increase personnel safety, and save time. By becoming part of the EIT Digital Accelerator, the European Union’s Institute for digital innovation and entrepreneurship education, they will be joining a highly connected and diverse pan-European ecosystem of over 200 top companies, SMEs, start-ups, universities, and research institutes. EIT Digital Accelerator will support FlyNex’s growth by helping it to increase the company’s visibility, increase customer acquisition and partnerships and more, thus enabling it to expand internationally and enter into new markets. 

The entrance of drone companies, like FlyNex, into these larger organizations, which are designed for the express purpose of accelerating growth at a national and international level, is a sign that drones are solidifying its presence in our collective technological future, and that is a good thing for the industry.