The AirGon booth at the Commercial UAV Expo literally had a sign that said, “Ask About Our BYOD Mapping Kit”, so I did just that with Lewis Graham, President/CTO of GeoCue Group. I had previously connected with Lewis to get his thoughts around whether or not drones are destined to become another survey tool, and if every survey truck has a drone on it in within the next few years, there’s a clear answer to that question.

During the interview, I asked Lewis a number of questions that focused on how professional surveyors can and are using the Kit. He discussed why it’s a good bridge for people who want to enter this market, what sort of feedback they’ve gotten about the kit, what the process to get started looks like and more.


For a more complete look at the features and capabilities of the Bring Your Own Drone (BYOD) Mapping Kit, download Drone Mapping Considerations: Mapping with Low Cost Platforms