Announced today, the new SmartSkies(TM) platform from ANRA Technologies allows drone pilots to obtain approval for drone operations within controlled or sensitive airspace using a simple mobile application or web portal. It provides real-time, automated processing of airspace authorizations based on criteria set by stakeholders such as Air Navigation Service Providers (ANSPs) or regulators. ANRA’s intelligent app checks the airspace for any dynamic and static conflicts, and if none exist, airspace authorization is automatically granted unless further coordination is required, whereupon the pilot receives an alert. 

Amit Ganjoo, CEO and Founder of ANRA Technologies, mentioned that the new solution addresses an immediate need in the market when it comes to regulatory requirements. To explore exactly what that means to users, we connected with Ganjoo to discuss those details, talk through what role SmartSkies has to play in the eventual future of the airspace that Remote ID will enable, highlight what type of user can get the most out of SmartSkies and much more.

To learn more about SmartSkies or ANRA Technologies, visit their site.