For anyone who has been to Commercial UAV Expo Americas or plan to attend the sixth annual Commercial UAV Expo this September 15–17, you are most likely familiar with our most recent interviewees on Commercial UAV News. Brandon Torres Declet, CEO of Measure, participated in our CEO Panel Discussion last October at our fifth Annual Commercial UAV Expo Americas; Andrew Elefant director of legal and policy at Kittyhawk is slated to be a part of this year’s newest education programming, Law Tech-Connect; and Douglas Spotted Eagle from Sundance Media Group has been heavily involved in all of our Outdoor Flying Demos and more.

In these unprecedented times, we reached out to all three of these industry leaders to get their perspectives on different aspects of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Elefant spoke with Danielle Gagne, Editorial Analyst of Commercial UAV News, over video about how businesses can mitigate the impact of Part 107 test site closures, and Declet talked with her about the economic impact the crisis may have on the industry. Jeremiah Karopowicz, Director of Editorial at Commercial UAV News, held a video conference with Douglas Spotted Eagle to talk about the many different ways drones are still being used throughout the industry.

To get the full story about the various ways COVID-19 is impacting the industry and to learn ways to mitigate the impact, you can check out all three interviews here: