In the recent webinar, “End-to-End UAV Data Integration & What the Future May Hold,” Aydin Ghajar, General Manager of Axon Air, spoke about how his company was working with public safety agencies to integrate drones into their existing workflows. This is something Axon, a global supplier of connected public safety technologies, excels at. With tools such as live streaming,  Axon Evidence and Axon Respond, they provide law enforcement and emergency response with the ability to enhance communication and response times, maintain chain of evidence, and make split-second life-saving decisions. With the announcement of their strategic partnership with Skydio as a Skydio Elite Partner, Axon is now poised to redefine how drones can and should be integrated into public safety and law enforcement.

“Over the last year, we’ve seen strong momentum of Skydio drones in public safety,” said Mark Cranney, Skydio COO a recent press release. “We are excited to partner with Axon, the leader in connected public safety technologies and a company that shares our commitment to the responsible use of technology to keep communities safe, to accelerate this trend globally. The integration of Axon’s and Skydio’s market-leading solutions will deliver unprecedented value and unlock the full potential of autonomous drones for live aerial intelligence and accurate evidence management.”

This partnership will start with exclusive reseller rights of Skydio’s blue sUAS platforms, the Skydio 2 and Skydio X2, to global public safety agencies and go from there to include seamless integration between Skydio drones and software (including the upcoming Skydio 3D Scan) with Axon’s systems. This includes integration with other data gathering devices, such as body cam footage, into Axon’s digital evidence management platform, Axon Evidence, a platform that is widely used by many agencies in the public safety and law enforcement sector.   

“This partnership underscores Axon’s commitment to ensuring that everyone gets home safe,” said Ghajar in the press release. “Skydio’s leading position in autonomous flight aligns with Axon’s vision of enhancing response times and offering first responders a turnkey drone program that provides a safer, more effective method of gaining situational awareness and gathering evidence.”

This level of integration, whether it is for public safety or any other industry, helps with adoption of drone technology—something Commercial UAV News has spoken about many times before. The less companies have to devote time, money, and resources to adopting/learning how to use a new technology and getting it up and running factors heavily into when or if it will be used and to what scale. With their autonomous AI-powered drone, Skydio has been demonstrating what it means to effectively remove barriers to adoption, this next step is lowering those barriers even further for public safety and law enforcement.

Partnerships forged by drone companies with established industry leaders like Axon strengthen the case for adoption and is a positive sign for the industry, especially for autonomous solutions like what Skydio offers. Let’s hope this trend continues into the future.

To learn more about Axon check out the webinar on demand here or visit their website.
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