Through Parrot’s SDK program, Parrot and Survae, a geospatial media company, combined Parrot’s ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal hardware with Survae’s software to bring professionals a new mapping solution.

Designed for visual and thermal inspections, fire monitoring, search and rescue, and more, Parrot’s ultra-compact ANAFI and ANAFI Thermal drones feature a built-in 4K HDR camera, a 25 minute battery (or four with the Thermal edition), and the latter integrates a FLIR thermal sensor. These drones allow professionals to easily capture thermal and visual readings for faster response times, along with higher precision and efficiency.

Founded in 2015, Survae built a cloud-based platform primarily designed for infrastructure, government, and public safety applications. Together with Parrot’s drones, Survae’s platform makes it easy to link video, still imagery, and sensor data with an interactive map and a timeline interface, where every frame of the video and imagery is geolocated and date and time stamped. With a simple drag-and-drop of collected drone data from an SD card into Survae’s software, users can rapidly find, see, share, and archive ANAFI’s georeferenced visual and thermal video, images, and 360° panoramas.

“Our recent collaboration with Parrot perfectly illustrates the immense potential of developing apps for Parrot’s ANAFI drone platform,” said RIIS CEO and Founder Godfrey Nolan. “Leveraging the power of AI and machine learning apps with Parrot drones promises to provide previously impossible solutions to costly and time-consuming challenges.

Well-known and established in the drone industry, Parrot has been developing drone technology since 2010, is affiliated with Pix4D and senseFly, a Parrot subsidiary, and is constantly looking for ways to innovate. In the last year, the company launched a professional drone loan program, revealed its SDK program with Kittyhawk as its first partner, and joined RIIS to develop AI programs for the ANAFI drones.

“This collaboration is the latest in Parrot’s SDK Partner program,” said Jerome Bouvard, Director of Strategic Partnerships at Parrot. “We are supporting the development of an ecosystem of solutions to meet the unique needs of Parrot’s professional drone users. Survae offers novel capabilities for visualizing and providing context for ANAFI video in both space and time.”

All qualified Parrot ANAFI enterprise and government users are welcome to apply for a free test account for a limited time.