NASA has been working to define and enable a UTM system for drones for many years now, but how that vision has changed or been impacted by developments with the technology or changes to regulation has been a question many have asked. At Commercial UAV Expo Americas, NASA Administrator James Bridenstine delivered “A Vision for the Future” keynote presentation that provided clarity around these issues and much more.

During his presentation, Administrator Bridenstine explained what kind of relationship NASA is looking to form with the commercial drone industry and also outlined several notable deadlines that are associated with the Grand Challenge that will bring NASA, the FAA and the drone industry together on urban air mobility. (UAM). We caught up with Administrator Bridenstine to further explore these developments and deadlines, get a better understanding of the first “A” in NASA, get his perspective on what it will mean to see the transformation of travel and much more.

The website that Administrator Bridenstein mentioned as the best place to stay up to date with all of the UTM developments that NASA is working on is