Industries are becoming aware that gaining gender equality it isn’t about playing a numbers game—how many women you have employed—but rather about developing a supportive framework that will attract and keep women in the field by providing paths that can lead to growth and success. But what does it mean to support women in this space, and what does that support actually look like?

Dawn Zoldi, CEO and Founder of P3 Tech Consulting, has been an up and coming voice in drone law and regulations throughout the commercial drone space. She has weighed in for Commercial UAV News on heavy topics such as remote ID, foreign drone policy, and the pandemic and continues to bring new insights to the industry. Today, she has joined us to discuss what support has looked like for her and what it should look like for women in the industry.

In the first installment of a multi-part series, we focus on discussing concrete ways industry leaders and individuals can support, inspire, and attract more women to the industry and help them to be successful in diverse roles.

Watch the Interivew Below: