Counter-UAS solutions continue to expand and improve with the presentation of Nearthlab’s new technologies at this year’s AUVSI Xponential event in San Diego

At the show, Nearthlab debuted “a high-speed kinetic interceptor drone that uses advanced autopilot algorithms for calculating and tracking precise target trajectories.” This approach enables the CUAS system to neutralize “Group 1 and 2 aerial threats with pinpoint accuracy.”

The company also presented AiDEN, an autonomous vehicle boasting features that make it well suited for a variety of operations, “including intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, emergency response programs, and infrastructure inspections.” Formerly known as AIDrone, AiDEN was honored with the iF Design Award 2024 back in March.

Nearthlab’s CEO and co-founder Jay Choi touted the extensive capabilities and affordability of his company’s approach to counter-UAS operations. “It's relatively cheap when you compare it to other counter-UAS solutions," Choi said. "Other options represent an entire system whereas ours is only designed to be used one time.”

Beyond their functionality and affordability, Nearthlab’s technologies meet important US government standards and requirements. The company reports that its products are “manufactured in accordance with the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA),” ensuring “that the company’s drones meet the rigorous federal requirements necessary for immediate deployment in both military and industrial settings in the United States.”

"The product is NDAA compliant, so users can feel safe with the security measures we've enabled to protect their information systems,” Choi told Commercial UAV News. "It's a further example of the commitment we've made with the technology to support this range of operational contexts."

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