The concept of a “complete drone solution” is one that's come up in a variety of contexts throughout the drone industry, but it’s also one that Atlas Dynamics is especially focused on in 2018. The autonomous UAV solutions provider has identified that the market fragmentation we’ve witnessed around this topic has proven to be unsustainable. That’s just part of the reason they’re working to make drone technology more accessible, and their recent announcement is a major development toward doing so for security, defense and first response professionals.

Earlier this week, Atlas announced a partnership with Luxriot Video Management Software to develop advanced drone-based solutions. Luxriot monitors over 1.2 million security and surveillance cameras in over 196 countries globally, which makes them an ideal partner to determine and establish what it will mean for security, defense and first response professionals to properly utilize drone technology. Their smart video management solutions and infrastructure have been provided to defense organizations throughout Europe and the United States

Ivan Tolchinsky, CEO and Founder of Atlas Dynamics, mentioned that security, defense and first response are going to be among the first markets to recognize the benefits of advanced drone technologies, but he elaborated on why this development could have a much bigger impact on the drone industry as a whole.

“This collaboration is a major step towards fulfilling our vision of UAV system connectivity, and is another milestone towards transforming the way the drone industry works,” Tolchinsky told Commercial UAV News. “Specifically, we are working to change the current business model to a drones-as-a-service model, making drones, and the data they collect, accessible to professionals. Until this point, node-to-node systems have been used, whereby one drone controller operates one drone independent of other nodes. This partnership represents the move to an age of full integration of drone systems for the security market and beyond.”

That accessibility is important, and it’s why this announcement is about more than the specific professionals that will benefit from it. Challenges with securely accessing information in a timely manner have caused adoption problems for a variety of organizations, and this partnership will see those challenges eased and perhaps even eliminated. Doing so opens up avenues for similar developments that will impact other specific industries.

The combination of Atlas' drone platform with sophisticated security and surveillance video management software is one that could be described as the “complete drone solution” for the security industry. It could create an important precedent around what it takes to create this kind of solution, and such developments might define how entire market segments should approach drone adoption.