Drone industry leaders have come together to fulfill a dire need in the Advanced Air Mobility sector with the creation of AAM Optix (OptiX), a digital infrastructure system for scaled autonomy. The system features a user centric design, making it easy for the command center to navigate multiple views during long flights.

Optix is built to Department of Defense Standards and can detect vulnerabilities and assess and mitigate each issue as it occurs. This system of systems is designed as an operations hub for advanced air mobility operations. It allows pilots to get all the vital information needed for their flights in one place including flights paths, weather data, cybersecurity risk detection, and UAS traffic management. OptiX has been funded by NASA and AFWERX, which speaks to how critical a system like this is for safe flights.

OptiX was created in close collaboration with Sunhillo, ResilienX, OneSky, AIS, HF Desginworks, Anzen Unmanned, and TruWeather Solutions. Each organization plays a key role in the system. The combined expertise from each group gives users a thorough and comprehensive sense of safety and security during flight.

“We’re really excited about the ability to bring all these different companies together in consortium that solves a real problem as a system of systems. It goes through a real systems engineering and V&V process and can come out the other side as an aviation grade system of systems, not just a collection of products,”  Andrew Carter, Co-Founder & CTO of ResilienX told Commercial UAV News.

This consortium was represented in person at XPONENTIAL 2024. After a compelling presentation on the system by Carter, each company took the stage to share insights on their contributions and collaboration on OptiX. Following that, a live demonstration began where the audience could see a real-time drone flight happening across the country in Syracuse, NY. Monitors lined the Solutions Theater showcasing each operation of OptiX working in real time.

OptiX is currently deployed in the Syracuse BVLOS corridor, working in collaboration with NUAIR and is slated to be available for sale and additional deployment in October 2024.