As an event that addresses the entire community of uncrewed systems, the types and kinds of innovations that were on display on the show floor of UNVEX ranged from large drones to small components. This variety highlighted the many opportunities that exist across the drone ecosystem. Still, one of these solutions literally towered above the rest, which is somewhat unsurprising since the Flyox I is capable of carrying a 1,850 kg payload, including fuel, and can have a flight time of more than 20 hours.

Created to support firefighting, logistics, search and rescue, and defense applications, the Flyox I platform from Singular Aircraft can support Tactical Air Transport missions and coordinate with manned platforms. Capable of taking off from paved or unpaved runways, water, snow or ice, the Flyox I comes in four basic configurations that are connected to those core applications. However, the Flyox I can be further customized depending on individual needs.

Equipped with two engines and retracaIble landing gear and capable of being remotely piloted from a ground station, the Flyox I is being positioned as an affordable option when compared to other crewed and uncrewed aircraft. Flexibility and versatility were major drivers in the creation of the Flyox I, which is why it was designed to fit in a standard 40' intermodal container and can be assembled in less than 4 hours.

Miquel Colom is the CEO of Singular Aircraft, and he was at the event to further discuss these drivers for the assembled UNVEX crowd. He conveyed the multiple advantages that the Flyox I brings to the Defense industry but also highlighted how the technology can be utilized to keep people out of harm’s way in various applications. Much of that is tied to his initial interest in developing this solution, which is related to the loss of a friend who was part of an emergency response mission that the Flyox I now supports. 

Karine Bedou is the Director of Business Development and Marketing at Singular Aircraft, and she took to the stage to further detail many of these innovations for the crowd. While she covered all of the applications that the Flyox I supports, she specifically highlighted search and rescue and emergency support uses, which were explored in the context of border control support as well as the launching of lifeboats or beacons. The aircraft’s drop capability allows it to deliver supplies that range from food and water to first aid kits to materials, providing teams with options.

"We have all of the technical and support capabilities in-house to provide emergency response,” Bedou told the crowd. “We want to position Spain as a leader in this sector, and the Flyox I gives users the ability to make a difference in ways that have never before been possible.”

While the UNVEX presentation detailed those UAS-based solutions for emergency response, it's just one area of focus for the team behind Flyox I, as they're committed to enabling enhanced collaboration that leads to a stronger Spain, which can then span all of Europe in each sector.

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