Skydio is following up the successful launch of its X10 drone at the recent Ascend conference with a series of live demonstrations. The Skydio X10 Tour kicked off earlier this month in Cleveland, Ohio, and it will continue until the middle of November with stops in several states across the US.

“The Tour gives operators and other drone professionals the chance to experience the Skydio X10 firsthand, witness its ease of flight, and see how its industry-leading sensors, advanced AI and readiness for any mission redefine data capture,” said Jason Tillman, Director of Product Marketing.

Designed for first responders, infrastructure operators, and the US and its military allies around the world, the Skydio X10 features sophisticated sensors, modularity, and connectivity along with AI-powered autonomy to increase the effectiveness, accuracy, and safety of operations. Smaller and easier to use than previously available drones, the X10 boasts 10x increases in onboard computer power and navigation camera resolution.

The vehicle can be removed from a backpack and set in flight in less than 40 seconds, making it ideal for emergency response, search and rescue, and other operations in which time is critical. Moreover, the Skydio X10’s design enables 24x7 operations with NightSense autonomous flight in zero-light environments, fully automated data capture with 3D Scan, flight control by web browser from anywhere in the world via onboard 5G and Remote Flight Deck, and 1-operator-to-many-drone controls.

“We’re looking forward to showcasing the Skydio X10 during the Tour,” Tillman stated.Not only will attendees get to see our new drone in action, they'll also get a chance to explore the capabilities of Skydio Dock, 3D Scan, and Remote Flight Deck, revolutionizing tasks like remote operations, detailed inspections and modeling, and emergency response.”

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