Amsterdam Drone Week pulls together stakeholders from every corner of the ecosystem to define the present and future of aviation. However, the present of the drone industry was the focus of a demonstration at the High Lander booth as attendees were able to pilot a drone that was over 3,000 km away, providing them with a sense of what’s both possible and attainable with the technology today.

The Orion solution is Highlander’s end-to-end drone fleet management and mission creation software platform. It turns drones into tools that support various applications, ranging from security to drone deliver to public safety. The solution is hardware-agnostic, allowing users to operate whichever drone they already have or prefer.

That solution is connected to Vega UTM, which represents the future of air traffic control. Vega provides the foundation of digital airspaces, supplementing ANSPs and enabling UAS to operate in harmony with traditional aircraft. That harmonization is why attendees were able to sit on the show floor and pilot a drone that resided 3,300 km away. 

Attendees came away from the demo with a sense of what’s possible with the technology on a practical and operational level, with a display that provided those operators as well as the audience with look at the drone in action. It's a solution that enables the management of an entire fleet from a single console.

Anyone can get a similar sense of those practical and operational realities by booking their own demo with the High Lander team.