“As manufacturers, we really have our work cut out for us,” stated Bobby Watts, CEO and Principal Engineer of Watts Innovation, during the Commercial UAV Expo Exhibitor Showcase focused on hardware. However, he said, “I firmly believe that every manufacturer here can have their best year ever.”

At the showcase, representatives from American and international drone and drone-related products manufacturers gave presentations explaining their companies’ products, services, and support.

A crowd of drone professionals had the opportunity to questions the presenters about their products, their mission, and what sets them apart. Topics addressed included inspections, package delivery, public safety, the importance of training, service and support, scalability, and ROI.

Companies represented included Culver Technologies, ideaForge, LIDARUSA, Watts Innovations, Ascent AeroSystems, Flyability, Freefly, ACSL, Workhorse Group, A2Z Drone Delivery, Skyfront, Frontier Precision, Autel Robotics, and Commaris.

Here’s a look at a few of the products presented during the Exhibitor Showcase:

  • Created to improve safety, reduce downtime, lower cost for inspections, Flyabilty’s Elios 3 drone incorporates SLAM-based stabilization and a FlyAware engine that combines computer vision, lidar technology, and Nvidia graphic engine. The drone, which also includes modular payload bay with two ports, enables locational awareness inside dangerous environments.
  • At the session, Japan’s ACSL described its suite of products, including the SOTEN aerial photography drone and the Fi4 drone for pipe inspections drone. In addition, the firm showcased the Truck Air dedicated delivery drone, explaining how it works with government agencies and leading companies like 7-11 to fly operations over heavily populated areas.
  • Watts Innovations’ flagship aircraft Prism Sky boasts a maximum payload of 25 pounds and a maximum flight time of 45 minutes. NDAA compliant and remote ID compliant, the vehicle can be flown in coaxial or quadcopter configurations. Augmenting the Prism Sky is Watts’ KONTACT 12 radio, the WATTS smart LiPo battery, and the REEL intelligent delivery system.
  • Dedicated to increasing efficiency in the delivery market, Workhorse Aero has introduced its patented truck UAS integrated system. The combined truck and drone system supports thousands of package types. It enables delivery and pickup from over 30 feet. Workhorse claims the system reduces last mile costs, on-road miles, and carbon emissions.
  • Short for “rapid delivery system,” the RDS 2 from A2Z Drone Delivery is a drone winch that adds efficiency to residential delivery, search and rescue operations, intersite transport, and medical supply delivery. At the Exhibitor Showcase, A2Z explained how it has developed a drone and dedicated software to work with the RDS winch.
  • Skyfront presented its Perimeter 8+ drone, which incorporates a hybrid power system that uses both batteries and gasoline. The Perimeter 8+ drone can fly for 2 to 3 hours of flight time, with a maximum payload of 22 pounds per 1 hour of flight time. Conveniently, the drone comes apart easily and can be shipped in two boxes.