It’s easy to get excited about the latest drone hardware innovations that provide capabilities like longer flight times, but the data that’s being captured during a given operation is what’s of critical importance. Stakeholders and operators across various sectors are focused on creating actionable insights with drone data, meaning that thermal imaging systems like the ones that Workswell has pioneered in the drone space for nearly a decade need to be understood.

Workswell is a Central European based manufacturing company with its headquarters located in Prague and 50+ distributors and partners worldwide. They’re committed to bringing start-of-the-art thermal imaging products and solutions to the market that can be utilized as part of UAV thermal imaging payload. These sensors can then be utilized for applications including optical gas imaging, thermal fire protection, crop water stress evaluation, and many others.

Such distinctions are going to be taken to the next level with the recent news that Auterion is partnering with Workswell to enable open standards integration for drone imaging. This integration is set to provide users with plug and play thermal imaging integration that makes a bottom line difference, but what else can we expect from the company and from these solutions? To find out, we talked with Adam Svestka, Business Development Executive at Workswell. He detailed what makes the Workswell products different, what makes their solutions an ideal tool for surveyors, how stakeholders should consider making a purchase, and much more.


Jeremiah Karpowicz: What makes Workswell products different or distinct from other thermal imaging cameras, systems and solutions that are available? What kind of integration challenges have you seen users run into when they use something that isn't specifically designed for a drone?

Adam Svestka: Workswell company introduced the first UAV payload in 2014, which was earlier than any other IR camera manufacturer. We believed in plug and play integration, easy wireless control, fully radiometric and calibrated device for inspection, R&D and agricultural application. We currently offer the widest UAV payload range portfolio on the market.

Any product not specifically designed to work on a drone will have integration challenges, which is why one of the key elements of the WIRIS Pro is the capability to control all the functions of the camera. That gives users the option to change the settings during their mission and adjust according to their needs. Imagine, you have the mission now but the conditions are changing and you need to be able to adjust the settings accordingly immediately. You need to save images, videos, GPS position, change the zooming or pallet, all must be done easily and fast.


Is the Workswell WIRIS ProSc an ideal tool for surveyors? What types of questions have surveyors had about it?

WIRIS Pro and WIRIS Pro SC are the best tools for inspection and mapping. The units offer high temperature range up to 1 500°C, high thermal resolution 1 266px in still images, RGB zooming camera, high sensitivity up to 0.03°C, GPS tagging in images and videos, calibrated and radiometric data with 2°C accuracy including calibration certificate. Each surveyor can then evaluate the issue and make the decision with higher accuracy.

What are some of the most innovative ways you've seen your products be utilized?

Our units can be used in some especially creative ways in combination with other vehicles. While our target users right now are in the drone industry, the units can be integrated on any vehicle platform that needs to add a vision element (RGB and Thermal). It does not matter if that integration is with a drone, car or robot - the units can be attached to all of the platforms.

Because of that, there really isn’t a limitation around where and how the units can be used out in the field. They can help with finding lost people, they can help in agricultural with water irrigation, they can help with finding hotspots on PV plants, they can detect the issues on the gas storage and plenty more. Our integrators know better the application and delivery full package solution to the customers.


When it comes to making a purchase, do you recommend a direct purchase or partner application? How much should their physical location impact that decision?

We always recommend buying through the local channel due to local support, training and language. We directly support and train our integrators who will then support and train their customers locally in local language. Direct purchases can be made in countries where we do not have integrators yet or there are special, tailored projects that we need to work on directly with an end user.

Regardless of how you purchase one of our products, users should know that whatever else they do with their drone hardware, Workswell cameras will be still compatible and easy to connect. You don’t need to invest in a new or different sensor solution even if your hardware changes. Our products are designed to work for your projects in the present and future.