Trendspek, an Australian startup and collaborative hub for drone inspections, allows professionals to easily work remotely from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Recently, the company raised over $1.1M in seed funding led by the Sydney Angels investment group, the company plans to expand its technology development team and invest in support for customers, as well as launch several new ventures in the US and Australia to fast track it’s global reach.

Having gained global traction across a range of industries including telecommunications, rail, industrial and infrastructure, Trendspek streamlines asset inspection processes through the creation of digital twins from drone collected data. The browser-based platform achieves complete, accurate and detailed 3D models with 1mm of detail, allowing managers to make empowered decisions, ensure absolute asset knowledge, and have full control of inspections and management workflow. Apart from significant cost savings, the benefit of consistent reliable drone data is the ability to do a side-by-side comparison of the “now & then” conditions of an entire asset, making it easier to track and monitor how a defect has changed over time or assess its cause.

“When it comes to managing physical structures, if you don’t have the complete picture, how can you accurately make value-based decisions?” said Trendspek CEO, Derek Feebrey. “We believe the key to your success is comprehensive - detailed data, conveniently at your fingertips, anywhere, any time. Digital assets can contain over 1000% more data points than existing methods, allowing the business to allocate resources and expenditure better while keeping everyone accountable.”

"It's not only asset managers but company CFO's who are our biggest advocates. They are seeing astounding ROI compared to current methods," claimed co-founder Fiona Church.

With how COVID-19 is affecting the way we work due to social distancing and working remotely from home, Trendspek's platform helps companies that manage critical infrastructure to rapidly move their operations online, stay connected, and remove the need for site visits to conduct complete visual inspections, consequently improving personnel safety. 

"The ability to complete an inspection from an office without the need for someone working at heights significantly reduces a company’s exposure to risk,” Mitchell Deam, who leads Trendspek’s compliance, said. “They can now harness their data, not their people."

To make team and client collaboration a more straightforward process, the platform introduces intuitive annotation cards to collate, classify and filter observations in real-time. Also, it provides team live-chat with instant document and file uploads, automatic history logs of any annotation card’s amendments, and high impact inspection reports.

As to pricing, Trendspek features two different payment plans, and a demo. The AD-HOC, a pay-as-you-go plan, is ideal for one off inspections models and costs $50 per gigapixel, while the business plan targets multiple inspections & portfolios with prices starting at $2,083 per month.