In preparation for major industry events, we’ve put together lists that explore a handful of the developments and happenings we’re looking forward to experiencing at them. With DJI AirWorks set to kick off next week, we thought it made sense to similarly highlight which developments and trends should be most notable to anyone interested in reshaping the global economy with drones.

Set to take place Oct 30th - Nov 1st at the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas, Texas, AirWorks isn’t just a showcase of drone industry insight and use cases. The event will also provide practical training and the opportunity to connect with people who are using drone technology to improve operational efficiencies while cutting cost. The Conference and Agenda for AirWorks are set, but what’s there is just the beginning of what we’re looking forward to seeing and experiencing in Dallas.


  1. Getting Up Close with the Phantom 4 RTK and a Brand New Product

We got a close look at the Phantom 4 RTK at INTERGEO, but we’re looking forward to learning that much more about the product at AirWorks. It’s a tool that was developed for professionals that have come to rely on DJI drones for surveying, mapping or inspection operations, and major companies are already looking to use the Phantom 4 RTK to take their use of the technology to the next level.

DJI has already highlighted how Strabag SE, a major player in transport infrastructure in Germany, is one of the companies that’s planning to do just that. The in-built centimeter-accurate RTK navigation positioning system and RTK positioning module of the Phantom 4 RTK potentially reduces the number of GCPs needed to 0, which could save 75% in set-up time. It’s something Strabag contacts specifically mentioned as an advantage they’d like to utilize, and since they’ve been using Phantoms on their projects since 2010, they’re in an ideal position to create incredible efficiencies with this new drone.

There’s a lot of info already available about the Phantom 4 RTK, but AirWorks should provide attendees with an opportunity to talk through what it will mean to use this product and others in professional workflows. DJI has already mentioned the event is set to host their 'biggest' unveil of the year, which has stirred interest and speculation from all over. The ability to discuss the possibilities of this new product along with Phantom 4 RTK is one of the major advantages of being at the event.


  1. Directly Connecting with DJI Stakeholders

Products like the Phantom 4 RTK were developed in direct response to the needs and feedback of professional users, and the team of engineers employed by DJI are constantly looking to improve their products and create ones that users can deploy in a variety of settings. There’s no better place to talk through those possibilities than at AirWorks, as there are set to be over 70 DJI employees (77 and counting!) from across the company to discuss what kinds of capabilities should be in the next version of a specific product, or in something brand new.

DJI’s slogan is “the future of possible”, and those possibilities will be discussed from every angle by contacts from across the company. Whether it’s directly in a session or indirectly from a conversation, the feedback DJI receives at the event will help shape the future of their products, and enable applications that users have envisioned.

The number of ways the technology is already being utilized is as impressive as it is astounding though, and those applications will be discussed and explored in full detail at AirWorks.


  1. Innovative Technology and Use Cases

The full agenda for AirWorks includes a keynote address, 3 panel discussions and 73 workshops & trainings, but the insight and value that can be gathered from the presentations goes beyond such numbers. Users of all types working across sectors that range from construction to public safety to environmental sciences have been able to use drones in ways that make them more efficient or open up entire new value propositions for their work. They’re differences that will be talked through in detail at the event, with presenters who are set to share how and why DJI technology has made such a difference to them.

How are drones being used to create a better understanding of the bio-diversity in the Amazon Rainforest? What does it mean to create a drone program for construction enterprises? How will drones impact established standard operating procedures? In what way will drones help take stereographic mapping to the limit? These are just a few of the specific topics that will be discussed at the event, where attendees will be able to explore the critical details associated with these successes to guide their own approach to integration.

There are currently over a hundred speakers at the event, and that number includes contacts across DJI. These speakers will address questions and issues that operators and organizations are working through right now, but what will be just as important to talk through and consider is how such applications will come together and evolve in the future.


  1. Previewing the Future of Drones

As critical as it is to see and understand where drone technology is making sense today, it’s just as important for users to recognize the impact drones represent to and for their business in a year, or five years from now. Balancing out the needs of the present with the potential of the future can be a challenge, but doing so is what will enable entire industries to fundamentally change for the better.

At AirWorks, Christian Sanz is set to discuss what it will mean to digitize the construction world, and doing so is going to be the main way to eliminates the cost overruns that plague the industry as a whole. It’s more important than ever for organizations to consider how drone data can be integrated into their workflows, and the importance of doing so to enable change in the present and future is something Sanz plans to highlight.

“The biggest competitor in the industry is how quickly the market and companies are adopting our technology,” Sanz said in a recent interview. “It’s about how quickly we teach and we show value to companies so that the industry can truly grow at a much faster pace.”

That kind awareness about the technology isn’t going to be limited to the stage at AirWorks though, as insights about what action can and should be taken with drones will be shared in a variety of ways, by countless different people.


  1. Connecting with Your Fellow Developers, Partners and Operators

Insights around the present and future of the technology from people who are out there making a difference with drones is critical, but the advantage of events like AirWorks is that it’s not just about information. Being able to directly talk with presenters to better understand their approach can be the start of a successful adoption process

Connecting with your fellow developers, partners or operators at events like AirWorks has proven to be just as valuable though. These kinds of interaction enable conversations that could never take place over the phone or via email, and we’ve seen what kind of a difference they can make for individuals and entire organizations. There’s nothing like connecting face-to-face, and doing so with people who are in the same position in terms of adopting and leveraging drone technology is something that takes place in a big way at AirWorks.

What are you most looking forward to at the event? Let us know in the comment section below or connect with me in person at AirWorks to talk it through.

See you in Dallas!


Learn more about a variety of the ways drones are changing expectations on projects of all types and sizes at the upcoming DJI AirWorks event in Dallas, Texas on October 30th – November 1st