XPONENTIAL showcases the latest innovations in the unmanned systems and robotics industry, but one of the standouts at the 2024 event was the Aurelia X8 from Aurelia Aerospace.

Available in two models that were on display, the Aurelia X8 Standard is the second largest heavy-lift payload drone in the Aurelia family, which also includes the X4 and X6. The Aurelia X8 MAX represents the largest heavy lift payload drone that the company has available, capable of carrying payloads up to 11 kg (24 lb). Those capabilities along with features like obstacle avoidance and retractable landing gear plus the cost represent a true differentiator when compared to drones of similar sizes on display at the event. 

“The features and price point of the X8 really does make it stand out amongst our competitors,” said Chris Preshaw, Director at Aurelia Aerospace. “A drone with similar features is probably going to be twice the price.”

Being part of a wider line that includes the X4 and X6 allows users to scale up or down depending on their need. This variatibility allows users to choose everything from transmitters to batteries to flight controllers.

As notable as these advantages are, it’s the small details that make the biggest difference. Display screens and a toolkit built into the drone itself will make a practial difference for anyone out in the field. There’s also a QR code on the drone, enabling users to set up an on-the-spot Zoom call to sort out any technical challenges. The Aurelia X8 Pro can also be modified by Aurelia Aerospace to meet any customization requirement, which opens up further opportunities. 

“There are just so many more options to customize the system to best serve very specific needs, which you can see in the different models and packages,” Preshaw told Commercial UAV News. “That includes what you can see with each standard and pro model, but also in terms of the different packages for the X8, which come at the Starter, Explorer or Ultimate levels.”

Learn more about the many platforms and options Aurelia Aerospace has available on their site.