Talk about how fast commercial drone technology moves is as pervasive as ever, with developments that open up entirely new value propositions seemingly taking place all the time. senseFly is an organization that is very much part of these advances, as the company has a variety of solutions that are designed to serve professionals in a variety of industries. senseFly is committed to using technology to make work safer and more efficient, and their recent appointment of a new CEO demonstrates how they’re going to make that happen.

Gilles Labossière

Gilles Labossière is now the CEO of senseFly, and he will be focused on boosting senseFly’s growth and leveraging its professional expertise across Parrot’s wider Business Solutions group. Since he previously held the position of the Executive Vice President and COO of Parrot Group, and will, in fact, continue to serve in these roles, his insight and experience at the company and in the industry will undoubtedly help drive and define how senseFly 360 solutions, drones, software and service packages can be leveraged across the world.

We caught up with Gilles to briefly talk about how his experience at the company will define how the organization moves forward, what kind of initiatives he’s focused on and what he’s excited to focus on in his new role.


Jeremiah Karpowicz: It sounds like a major focus for you is going to be related to how the various products and brands in the Parrot family can more firmly support one another. What sort of opportunities do you think doing so will open up for your customers?

Gilles Labossière: Our customers, and how best to support their operations, will remain at the forefront of our approach—an aim that will be supported by our enhanced collaboration with Parrot. By continuing to strengthen and synchronise our Business Solutions portfolio, we will be able to offer a durable end-to-end solution for every need. For instance, this could be a multipurpose drone for roofers, or a high-precision professional solution for daily use by a surveyor or agronomist.


How important is your knowledge of both senseFly and the Parrot Group going to be in this new role?

My knowledge of both senseFly and the Parrot Group will be essential to my new role. I’ve been with Parrot for ten years now and having played a key role in the acquisition of senseFly in 2015, I know the organisation well and have watched its significant growth from an innovative start-up to the global leader it is today.


Is there one thing you’re going to be focused on immediately in terms of initiatives or developments when it comes to boosting senseFly’s growth in the professional drone space?

My focus will be on continuing to grow senseFly’s market share, while leveraging our team’s outstanding geospatial and agricultural expertise across the wider Parrot Group. senseFly will, in turn, benefit from Parrot’s ongoing strengthening of the group’s Business Solutions portfolio, which comprises an end-to-end offering of dedicated drone hardware from both brands, along with software and added-value services.


What are you especially excited to focus on or enable in your new role, and how do you see that impacting the drone industry as a whole?

Having the opportunity to build upon senseFly’s leading position in the fixed-wing drone market is something I’m particularly excited about—not only from an innovation perspective but in our ability to consistently meet the needs of professionals who are using our products and services. With more professionals than ever before now using drone technology, it’s become increasingly important for providers of these solutions to tailor products for each industry, to better support customers and help them to optimise operational efficiencies.