When the pandemic hit back in March, it seemed like the world had slid to a halt. Due to so much uncertainty, it has been difficult for many businesses to figure out the path ahead or predict with any certainty the economic impact of the virus. Yet, some businesses and industries have managed to forge a path of success in spite of uncertainty. This has been especially true for a number of businesses in the drone industry in which drones have been deployed to safely conduct essential tasks, like inspections, asset management, deliveries, and emergency services.

Two of the companies that have been able to find success in 2020, both because and in spite of COVID-19, has been Skydio and DroneUp. Their ability to move forward by identifying the needs of the industry has led to a number of notable and important announcements for the industry, from delivering COVID-19 test kits to being integral in the obtainment of BVLOS waivers for NCDOT bridge inspections without the need of a visual observer and more.

In a recent panel, Commercial UAV News spoke with Adam Bry, CEO of Skydio; Brendan Groves, Head of Regulatory and Policy Affairs at Skydio; Tom Walker, Founder and CEO of DroneUp; Anthony Vittone, COO and Executive VP of DroneUp; and Grant Guillot, Partner and Unmanned Aircraft Systems Team Leader at Adams and Reese about their thoughts on their recent successes and their impact on the industry, how COVID-19 has or hasn’t changed their business approach, and a host of other topics including how the pandemic has changed public perception. 

Watch the full discussion here: