Being able to make accurate predictions about what is and isn’t going to happen in the commercial drone industry is a monumental task, but it’s one that the team at Skylogic Research is especially well suited to handle. Their practical approach to identifying, documenting, and analyzing key issues for manufacturers, buyers and investors provides a welcome and necessary perspective as more and more predictions about the billions of dollars that drone technology represents dominate the headlines.

That perspective is a result of the multiple experts that make up the Skylogic Research team, and it’s also why the recently announced additions to that team are so notable. Christopher Korody and Will Tompkinson are set to join the Drone Analyst network of contributors and advisors, and each of them will be able to bring a unique set of skills and perspective to the group.

Christopher Korody is the founder of and specializes in strategy, market research and content for marketing, PR, and social media while Will Tompkinson is the owner and consulting lead for Insightful Dimensions and specializes in the domain of 3D data capture and LiDAR for the purposes of metrology and geomatics applications. Both of those names should sound familiar to anyone with even a passing interest in commercial drone technology, and there’s good reason for that.

Tompkinson has written for for a long while now, and his recent three part series that focused on contracting and providing drone survey services is a perfect example of the kind of critical insight he’s able to provide. Korody’s Dronin' On weekly commentary and news summary is essential reading for anyone who wants to stay up to date around the latest trends and developments in the space. Korody also detailed why standards will be critical to UAV adoption for this site, and the analysis he lays out in that article is a great illustration of the sort of expertise the Skylogic team is bringing into the fold.

In the announcement, Skylogic CEO and founder Colin Snow mentioned how excited he was to have these specialists join the team, as well as how the demand for specialization is becoming more and more of a priority. Such sentiments speak to an industry-wide transition as users of all sizes and types move past the hype associated with the technology. Professionals in construction, agriculture, mining and plenty other verticals are looking for insight related to how drone technology can provide value and a return on investment for current or upcoming projects. As exciting as it is to consider the kind of impact the drone technology might be able to have in the future, being able to figure out what can and does make sense with UAVs today has justifiably become a critical issue.

How the commercial drone industry will change over the next few months and years is a question on the minds of everyone, and with shake-ups and shakeouts happening faster than ever, it’s essential to be able understand the short-term and long-term implications of such developments. With the addition of Tompkinson and Korody, the Skylogic team is in a better position than ever to be able to plan for and assess these sorts of happenings.