The senseFly eBee X has been designed to be the fixed-wing drone that can fit mapping needs across industries. With a maximum flight time of 90 min as well as a feature that helps to achieve absolute accuracy of down to 3 cm (1.2 in), without GCPs, the product takes the opportunities and advantages of senseFly’s eBee SQ, Albris and eBee Classic models to the next level.

At INTERGEO 2018, the eBee X was one of the top draws at the booth, as visitors who were and were not already familiar with the product stopped by to get a better understanding of where and how it is set to make an impact across Europe and beyond. The eBee platform has proven to be able to provide the accuracy users across industries in Europe are looking for, but what’s most notable is how the features and capabilities of the product were developed in direct response to user feedback.

“The biggest thing we heard was that the product needed to be able to meet the physical demands of a variety of commercial environments, and it’s why the eBee X ultra-robust design,” Andrea Blindenbacher from senseFly told Commercial UAV News at INTERGEO. “The product is built on proven technology, and it’s really a culmination of a variety of elements, including service, payload capacity, support, etc.”

User feedback also contributed to the development of the senseFly S.O.D.A. 3D camera, the professional drone photogrammetry camera that can change orientation during flight to capture three images (2 oblique, 1 nadir) every time, instead of just one, for a much wider field of view. This enables the creation of 3D reconstructions in vertically-focused environments, which was a major need identified by users. The eBee X also includes new camera options for the senseFly Aeria X and senseFly Duet.

Feedback has also seen an evolution of the support senseFly offers for the eBee X is also important to highlight, since rather than having to send in the whole drone itself for repairs, it’s now possible for users to make those repairs themselves, eliminating what could otherwise be lengthy downtime. It’s just another aspect of what sesneFly has referred to as a process that has been “collaborative with our customers.”

INTERGEO also gave attendees a chance to see the eBee X in action, as a flight demo took place just outside the exhibition hall. While the setting didn’t provide the operators with a chance to map anything, it was quite striking to see how easily the eBee X took to the air and came in for a smooth landing that proved no worse for the wear for the drone.

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