Robotic Skies, a service provider who supports manufacturers and operators of commercial UAS by keeping UAS flying safely, efficiently and affordably around the world, has received an investment from Boeing. This investment will help to expand the company’s, and the world’s only, global network of more than 170 civil aviation authority-certified UAS maintenance centers. It’s a development that underscores Robotic Skies’ fundamental belief that the high-end commercial UAS industry will ultimately be regulated much like the existing manned aviation industry, with maintenance being a foundational pillar for safe operations.

As both manned and unmanned aircraft start to share the same airspace the importance of regulations in order to ensure safe operations for everyone as well as to avoid incidents and accidents, becomes more evident. According to Robotic Skies’ CEO, Brad Hayden, receiving an investment from a company like Boeing validates the company’s belief around where the technology and industry are ultimately headed.

“Nobody understands the aviation industry like Boeing does, and we are honored that they believe in our vision to support the commercial UAS industry enough to put capital into Robotic Skies,” Hayden mentioned. “Both manned and unmanned aircraft will share the same airspace, and to ensure safe operations for everyone, all aircraft will need to be held to the same, or nearly the same, regulatory requirements to avoid incidents and accidents. Some modifications and exceptions will have to be made to the existing manned regulations to meet the very unique requirements of unmanned aircraft, but the foundations for safe operations, including maintenance, will largely be the same. In the recent releases from the civil aviation authorities around the world, we are already seeing this take shape as they are enabling more advanced unmanned operations by leveraging the existing framework from manned aviation.”

However, this is not the first time both of these companies have come together. In 2018, Boeing and its subsidiaries, Jeppesen and Aviall, entered into a partnership with Robotic Skies to develop and deliver industry-leading supply chain management and optimization, analytics, and maintenance, repair, and overhaul (MRO) services for the commercial and civil UAS markets.

“Our existing partnership with Boeing’s Global Services (BGS) division allows Robotic Skies to bring a more robust services offering to our customers allowing them to develop competitive advantages in the commercial UAS industry by getting aircraft in their customer’s hands more quickly, simplifying their operations and delivering a higher level of customer service,” Hayden told Commercial UAV News. “This new investment will allow Robotic Skies to grow our company and network, and to continue to be a thought leader in the industry as the only company focused on providing a global maintenance and repair service.”

Led by Boeing HorizonX Ventures, with participation from Thayer Ventures, Sun Mountain Capital and KickStart Seed Fund, this recent investment will allow Robotic Skies’ network to expand, and the company to grow and continue to provide a global maintenance and repair service.

“Without a rational regulatory environment, it is challenging for OEMs and operators to really scale their operations,” Hayden commented. “We are starting to see these regulatory developments, and believe the industry is about to realize considerable growth. We will be there to help these companies as they scale.”