On May 13th, Commercial UAV News hosted a panel webinar, “Is the World Ready for Drone Delivery?”, which featured industry leaders representing various parts of the drone delivery ecosystem. During the 90-minute panel, we were able to cover a lot of ground, but this is a complex topic and our audience asked hundreds of questions that we didn’t have time to get to. We were able to reconnect with three of those panelists to go over these questions in exclusive video interviews. During the interviews, we discussed topics such as drone safety and regulation, public buy-in and demand, connectivity and 5G and more. Collectively, they make up about 54-minutes of additional content and are well worth the time to watch.

Each interview is featured below:

Generating Demand for Drone Services: Michael Healander, President and CEO of Airspace Link, Discusses Public Acceptance and Buy-In of Drone Delivery

Talking with Alex Harmsen, CEO and Co-Founder of Iris Automation, About Drone Safety Technology

Following Up with Matt Fanelli, Director of Strategy and Operations at Skyward, A Verizon Company, On Drone Delivery